Nintendo Switch is Hitting Shelves Early March!


Nintendo Switch

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Have you heard of Nintendo’s newest game counsel? The Nintendo switch is a revolutionary gaming console that contains a portable tablet device for gaming on the go and a docking station for home play. This is Nintendo’s newest counsel and is an exciting way to play games by allowing users to play video games how they would like and whenever they want. It will launch into the marketplace starting at $300 on March 3, 2017, with pre-orders still being open, even though most have already been sold out since day one.

The Nintendo Switch is for every and any kind of gamer out there. This gaming system allows users to play their favorite games however they choose. The included 6.2-inch HD screen and “Joy-Con” clip-on controllers can be used together in “handheld mode” to create a portable gaming device. The portable “Joy-Con” controllers can be used independently as independent mini gamepads. This allows users to use the gaming systems wherever they are.

When the portable screen is placed into the dock you can play your favorite games on the TV. The resolution of the screen is upped and the Joy-Cons can be used together with a “Grip”, combine the two together to make a handheld gaming controller.

A social media campaign could be utilized to release new information and updates on new content or games that are released for the new system. Utilizing gameplay videos or screenshots from the newest upcoming game releases.  The blog would have to be regularly updated with multiple posts every day.

Since the Nintendo Switch is a new gaming system, Nintendo has announced over 99 games that will be released in 2017. With 22 of these games being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and 18 of those titles being exclusive to Nintendo. With all the new games that will be release this year, there will be a lot of opportunities to post content about the new and upcoming games. Providing details and video/photos of content that will be available on this new device, we hope to bring sales of the new counsel to the new record.

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